Community Development Award

The judges said of this submission “I like that it includes all sorts of local events (not just music) and totally branches out from the station’s core work of radio broadcasting. This is a contribution that fills a local need and contributes to stakeholders beyond the station’s main listener base. It also is an ongoing project rather than once per year or one-time only.”

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Other notes: – In February of 2015 it was announced that, after almost twenty years of covering Calgary’s arts scene, Fast Forward Weekly (FFWD), Calgary’s alt-weekly, would be closing their doors. One of the most important things that FFWD did for the community was to provide accessible, comprehensive events-listings for all of the happenings in Calgary.

In response to that they launched a brand new events listings website:  it can continue the amazing legacy FFWD left behind: making sure everyone in Calgary knows about all the amazing things happening in our great city every single day. When we shared out the launch of the new site on Facebook, it received 236 likes, 55 shares, and reached 20,651 people. A number of other events-listings websites had launched over the past year, but they all required organizations to either purchase space on the site, or would only allow a narrow range of events to appear. We have taken the approach of making our website completely free, and allowing anyone to submit an event to the website. The goal is to have every event covered – from the Guns N’ Roses concert at the biggest venue in the city, to the basement show happening down the street – everything receives an equal share of space on the website.