Community Radio Legend Award

Community Radio Legend Award

This award honours individuals who have contributed enormously to community and campus radio as a sector. This person may have contributed to the sector, and may either still be involved or no longer actively engaged in this work.

Criteria: Letter(s) of reference detailing why the individual deserves this award. If desired, audio clips no longer than 10 mins.

3 thoughts on “Community Radio Legend Award

  1. I would like to honor Jim Glover for his tireless efforts in putting this station in our community. As well as programming the station with it’s wonderful sound he is instrumental in promoting the talent of the Northumberland music scene as well as the arts. Music knowledge aside his commitment to this station I believe is paramount to the success of the community station. Every day and on Holidays ie: Christmas, New Years day, Thanksgiving, Easter each and every day his show keeps us in Northumberland in formed and up to day with Current news, weather, sports. I can’t think of another station in or community that has a more dedicated volunteer then Jim. As well as being out in the Northumberland promoting events and helping other not for profits orgs. He tireless efforts have not gone unnoticed. I hope you will except this individual for he deserves this award.

    1. Hello Donna

      Radio Legend nominations have to be done on behalf of a radio station. Also, we would need the nomination to be submitted through our online form.

      I hope you are able to discuss this with your local station to see if they can assist you in putting in this nomination.

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