Documentary Winner 2018

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SENCOTEN Language Nest - Max Collins - CFUV - FM

In T’sartlip nation, known also by its colonial name of West Saanich, the LAU WEL’NEW Tribal School runs a pilot project that immerses young WSANEC children in the SENCOTEN language. This project, which began in the 2010’s, aids to revitalize the SENCOTEN language and pass on this important part of WSANEC culture to future generations. Within the pilot project, Sḵwx̱wú7mesh (Squamish) woman Tiffany Joseph contributes to the language nest by creating SENCOTEN nursery rhymes set to the melodies of English rhymes, among other duties. In this documentary, she shares her story of her involvement with this project. We hear sounds of the WSANEC landscape, songs being sung by SENCOTEN language nest students, and some of the translated nursery rhymes being sung by Tiffany herself. The voice of the Interviewer is nearly completely taken out, as Tiffany is given as much time as possible on tape to recount how she came to working with the language nest, and why working to restore and revitalize SENCOTEN is important work to her. The SENCOTEN Language Nest documentary is unique in the vantage point it takes while exploring an important topic on Indigenous language revitalization: instead of looking at the SENCOTEN Language nest from a strictly factual perspective, the story of the language nest is told from the first-hand recounting of someone directly involved in the project. Heavily influenced by the interview style of documentary director Errol Morris, this documentary has removed the interviewer (or the “faux-first person” perspective) to create the illusion of Tiffany recounting a sort of personal journal. Producer Max Collins used this style to emphasize the importance of Indigenous stories being shared by Indigenous voices, without any interjection from settler perspectives. It also emphasizes the fact that Indigenous culture cannot solely be found behind the glass at a history museum; Indigenous culture is alive and thriving, and living humans are working to expand the reach of it to many generations to come.

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