2018 Student Programming

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Diana Chiang Jurado, Rise of Argentinian Rock During Dictatorship times, (CJSR-FM)

About my submission: This documentary gives an insight on how Argentinian rock (also known as “rock nacional”) arose during the Junta dictatorship times in Argentina. During the late 70's and 80's Argentinians rockers used music to send hidden messages within the lyrics to inspire and relate to the people, which is why it became so popular among all social classes. The merging of the art and music with history, social and political situations left a print in the hearts of all Argentinians for life, making it an important part of their cultural identity and spreading to the rest of Latin America.

About the producer: I am an international student from Ecuador living in Edmonton since 2015. I feel very passionate about life, love, nature, music, art and sports. Growing up, I was introduced to Rocklatino also known as “Rock en Espanol” music genre and it became one of my favorites. Argentinian rock makes an important part of Argentinian history and identity so as of Latin America's pop culture music. A lot of people in North America doesn't associate rock music with Latin America, which is why when I had the opportunity to worked and shared this piece a felt very touched and decided to put my heart on it.

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Honourable Mention:

Mel Woods

Mel Woods, Coming Out Monologues, CJSW