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CJSR-FM: What's the Tsismis? - Did You Hear Jenna's NOT Italian? - Mishma Mukith, Jenna Propp

What's the Tsismis? is a podcast that offers an inside look on Pilipinx identity in the diaspora (tsismis is the Tagalog word for gossip). The show is produced by CJSR 88.5 FM, Edmonton's campus and community radio station, with support from the Community Radio Fund of Canada. “I don’t look Filipino, I don’t speak Filipino… and I’m made to feel like I’m not Filipino.” In this excerpt from the first half of the episode "Did You Hear Jenna's NOT Italian?", CJSR volunteer Mishma Mukith sits down with her production teammate Jenna Propp to unpack the big “I” word: identity. As the half-white daughter to an immigrant Filipina, Jenna speaks candidly about navigating her identity as a mixed race individual. Being white-passing may come with its’ perks and privileges, but it also denies Jenna from claiming her Filipino heritage. From plucking her eyebrows and straightening her hair, Jenna’s made many attempts to “look more Asian,” yet she is still met with shock and disbelief when strangers try to guess her ethnicity. Listen in as Jenna discusses her recent trip to the Philippines, where she travels to for the first time as an adult without her parents, and find out why this trip has taken so much time for her to process.