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CJSR-FM: Yeti, Sled, Snow! - CJSR Street Team: Hannah Cunningham, Elizabeth Dowdell, and Wyatt Franke

Explore the University of Alberta's AntiFreeze 2020 with CJSR's Campus Street Team. AntiFreeze is a campus wide student competition that pits teams of 10 against each other in several challenges in both the warm indoors and the freezing cold outdoors. While not your typical sporting event--it is a week of activities that challenge student's strength, endurance, creative powers and the ability to yell and scream under any circumstance--it does feature an obstacle course that must be completed by using sleds and skis: Yeti, Sled, Snow! Listen as CJSR outreach volunteers Hannah Cunningham, Elizabeth Dowdell, and Wyatt Franke record and cover the sights, sounds, and experience of the 2020 Yeti, Sled, Snow! along with interviews of the participants and judges themselves. It's sports... but more fun!