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CICK-FM: Now Hear This - Daniel Mesec

Now Hear This is a 2 part series by Daniel Mesec about Food Security in Northern BC. Part One is a series of interviews interspersed with sound bites from butchers, organic farmers, and farmers market organizers discussing food security from the producer’s end of things all the way to picking the right apples for your pie. Part Two was a look at The State of Skeena Salmon in Northern BC along the Skeena River, the second-longest river entirely within British Columbia, Canada. Since ancient times, the Skeena has been an important transportation artery, particularly for the Tsimshian and the Gitxsan—whose names mean "inside the Skeena River" and "people of the Skeena River," respectively. This series was beautifully produced and well researched by Daniel Mesec, host and producer.