2021 Documentary

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CFUV-FM: U in the Ring: Witchcraft at Uvic - Dakota Hagan, Andrew Hynes, Coco Nielsen

U in the Ring is a podcast that explores the untold stories of Uvic’s past and present. In this episode we sit down with three “out” witches to discuss the long history of witchcraft in Victoria and on campus. We follow the scene from Robin Skelton’s Dumbledore-like presence at Uvic in the 1970’s and 80’s, through the satanic panic of the 90’s and into today’s focus on spiritual self-empowerment. We talk about the politics of witchcraft, including reproductive rights and cultural appropriation, and how “coming out” as a witch can be a powerful act in battling spiritual suppression. Ultimately, we learn how witchcraft remains relevant to both the old guard and a newer, younger generation of witches at Uvic, because after all, “the craft is in everything.”

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Honourable Mention:

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Honourable Mention:

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