2021 Out Loud Award

Congratulations –

CJSR-FM: One Voice - Lindsey Campbell

In this segment, Lindsey Campbell interviews Director Kristine Wry and VIctoria Performing School of the Arts instructor Chris Anderson. Produced right here in Edmonton by Victoria School of the Arts, “One Voice” is a timely original musical drama about the struggles of LGBTQ+ students to start a GSA in their school. Lindsey Campbell is a producer on Moving Radio, CJSR's show dedicated to covering local, Canadian, and independent cinema.

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Honourable Mentions

CFUV-FM: Coco Nielsen, Mary Decker, Nicola Watts - Gender Magic

CJSR-FM: Wen Chan - Asian Representation and Queerness

CITR-FM: Madeline Taylor - Vancouver's Gay History, Pride PSA's 2019