2021 Women’s Hands and Voices

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CHMA-FM: Full Disclosure - Aura-Lynn Groomes

Aura-Lynn Groomes is a second-year student at Mount Allison studying sociology and political science. Aura has been involved with CHMA since July of 2020 as the station's Communications Coordinator and began co-hosting a program in November, Full Disclosure, on Saturdays at 6pm. Her interests at the station include social justice, human rights, and groovy R&B/Hip-Hop tunes! November 2020 brought a whirlwind of events for the Mount Allison University's campus, with Michelle Roy, a graduating student, posting on social media about the poor handling of the high rates of sexual assault on campus. In the episode featured in this reel, Aura-Lynn Groomes interviews Michelle Roy, a student organizer whose viral instagram post highlighted Mount Allison’s lack of adequate support for survivors of sexual violence on campus. Roy’s post led to over 300 people sharing their personal stories of assault on campus in the following hours, days, and weeks. People showed their support from across the country, and an in-person protest was held with around 400 protestors present demanding change. Aura-Lynn uses her show to give Roy a platform to speak about these issues in her own words. This interview provided an in-depth review of what people's sexual assault experiences were as well as what steps Michelle believes should be taken to address these issues.

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