2022 Best in Podcasting

2022 Best in Podcasting

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CJRU - Story Planet Podcast

Hi! I'm Quinton Bradshaw, and in my role as CJRU's Community Projects Coordinator, I work with organizations in our community to help them produce audio series. Story Planet is a children's literacy organization, with a focus on helping kids build their confidence and creativity through storytelling. They were really interested in creating a podcast series "by kids, for kids", and so from that idea came the Story Planet Podcast! Each episode is hosted by Ali and Arthika, two middle-school aged space explorers flying through the galaxy in search of stories, songs, and interviews (created by kids through virtual Story Planet workshops) to to be shared with their listeners and delivered to Story Planet. The clip I'm submitting is from the first episode of the series, which was launched in October of last year. I worked on this episode as the technical director, co-writer and producer along with several members of the Story Planet team, and editor/sound designer.


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