2022 Creative Production

2022 Creative Production

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CICK - I Digress

Smithers Community Radio has a unique reputation as a powerful station with a little footprint.

Our volunteers are dedicated and continue to push the boundaries of what community radio “should” sound like.

One of those volunteers is Pamela Haasen with her show I Digress. Her show is a melange of new, Canadian music (French and English) dappled with “classic songs you should have heard by now”. But in the mix of her song choices are these little moments that make the listener unable to guess what’s coming next.

In 2021, she produced over 20 of these interludes, including parody songs (“Sweet Dad of Mine” to the tune of Sweet Caroline, and “Pammer the Red Nosed Reindeer”), fake celebrity phone calls to her radio show (Larry David, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Fred MacMurray), as well as commercials for a fake radio reality show Who Will Win This Dumb Thing?, and Monster Truck Music Megathon. To add to this (already exhaustive) list, she’s also produced radio skits including Mattdupond Drive (a Mulholland Drive parody for a friend’s birthday), French Onion Spook (a soup recipe with a terrifying twist!), as well as A Digress Carol (Xmas Carol parody), and the Goodpammers trailer (a shot-for-shot parody of Goodfellas movie trailer made for becoming a radio host).