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2022 Current Affairs or Magazine

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CJSR - White Supremacy: Ideological Adaptation with Dr. Shama Rangwala


Adamant Eve is CJSR's feminist news show. We are a group of passionate volunteers who are adamant in exploring feminisms and how they intersect with other social justice issues.

In April 2021, we created a two-part series where we talked to experts about white supremacy. As various social movements like Black Lives Matter, the land defenders of Wetʼsuwetʼen, and the Mi'kmaq fishing resolution conflicts caught the attention of the general public about unaddressed conflicts within post-colonial institutions, we've also seen white nationalism rhetoric embolden. This is evident not only in the digital space but also in massive rallies in the USA and Canada, such as the Capital siege and protests against health restriction orders. Due to this resurgence in right-wing extremism, we wanted to see how white supremacy connected to feminist and anti-patriarchal struggles and better understand the ways this ideology affects communities in Edmonton.

This submission is an abbreviated version of our episode "White Supremacy: Ideological Adaptation with Dr. Shama Rangwala". It features an interview that producers Luis Cifuentes and Rose-Eva Forgues-Jenkins had with Associate Professor in Women's and Gender Studies Dr. Shama Rangwala. The full piece explores the overt rise of white supremacy, ideological adaptation, Marvel movies, Diversity and Inclusion trainings, and more!