2022 Music Programming

Music - Pop or Similar

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CIVL - The Wheelbarrow

From its roots founding in 2006, ‘The Wheelbarrow Show’ has grown to be an influential voice and amplifier for music and culture, bringing artists and listeners together from across the globe. We broadcast every Wednesday at 5 pm out of SUB on the UFV Abbotsford campus, sending waves of Independent Pop and Rock melodies into Langley, Chilliwack, and other surrounding areas. Catch our podcast at civl.ca.

The Wheelbarrow Show’s music collector and director is alias ‘Carl Spackler’ and it is hosted, produced, and recorded by David Shayler. Carl passed away early in 2022, after being a long time CIVL board member as a UFV Staff/Faculty representative, and one of the strongest advocates of the station during his time in Abbotsford.

The Wheelbarrow Show

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Music - Rock or Similar

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CKXU - Speeding Ticket

Speeding Ticket” is a show that takes listeners on an accelerating trip along a sonic highway, where each song is faster than the song played before. The momentum and energy builds through the hour as we step on the gas, starting off with serene folk then into melodic indie rock and ending with a punk rock explosion that will be sure to energize your Friday afternoon. Your driver Ben Wellman will take you burning down the highway on “Speeding Ticket” each week on CKXU. Just don’t get a ticket. BEEP BEEP. VROOM VROOM.

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Music - Folk or Similar

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CKDU - Touchstone

Bev Lamb has hosted Touchstone on CKDU since 1985. Bev plays traditional and contemporary folk music mainly from North America, the UK, and Ireland. Touchstone has a dedicated following and is one first shows some audiences think of when they think of CKDU.

This reel is comprised of clips from 2021’s Remembrance Day program. Every year, Touchstone marks Remembrance Day with music, songs, sounds, and poetry. But there is so much more to this show than just Remembrance of those who died and suffered, so that we can be free. This program includes music against war, and songs and quotations for peace.

Bev’s introduction is uncut in this reel, as it best demonstrates his skill in capturing the attention of his audience and contextualizing what is to come.

The clips included in the reel are from just a few of the selections featured in this very special and well produced episode. We hear “Plains of Waterloo” from Martin Simpson; the poem “Love and War”; “Fields of Dreams and Glory,” from Dan McKinnon; “Mothers, Daughters, Wives” by Holly Near; Judy Johnson reading a Ghandi quote; the poem, “When Soldiers Die,” from Ed McCurdy followed by his song “Last Night I had the Strangest Dream”; and the Memento Mori choral piece.

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Music - R&B or similar

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CJLO - Purple Hour Ep. 2 (We Have a Name!)

I am a fourth year student at Concordia University in Montreal in their Communication Studies program, specializing in Sound Production. However, I grew up just outside of Toronto and realized pretty quickly after moving to Montreal that the genres of music I've grown up listening to and loving, R&B and Hip hop, are not represented here on the radio and elsewhere in the media nearly as much as back home. So, with my goal of bringing more R&B and Hip Hop to the Montreal scene, passion for giving a platform to artists within these overlooked genres, and experience in sound production, I excitingly was able to start my own radio show called Purple Hour on Concordia's campus radio station CJLO 1690AM in 2021. The episode I decided to submit for consideration for this award is an early one (2nd of 15 as I write this) that I felt really showcased both what campus/community radio is all about and my curation and commentary abilities as a DJ. This episode features a great blend of both independent and Canadian artists as well as some bigger names, and both brand new releases as well as older favourites of mine. This episode also features plenty of interesting and informative commentary about the artists themselves and their backgrounds, what makes each song stand out to me from a sonic and and conceptual perspective, as well as my personal connections to each song. Ultimately, I feel that this episode really successfully celebrates the richness and diversity of artists and sounds within these genres of music.

Show Page: cjlo.com/shows/purple-hour. 

Portfolio: megandams.com

Instagram: @damsmegan

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Music - Variety Program

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CJLY - Brother Michael's Flashback 70s

A weekly celebration of diverse musical recordings. A stew of seemingly disparate colors and textures, but the result is a synergistic pleasure. Any given song may be a well-defined genre, multi-genre or non-genre. This is not a nostalgia program (some popular hits may appear), but predominantly an exploration of rarely heard treasures. In any single episode, listeners may hear together- foreign film soundtracks, Indigenous bands, interviews, and much more.

Host - Brother Michael enjoys discovering music he was not aware of while growing up in this explosive decade – and sharing with listeners. This show is presented live. An original thematic intro was recorded specifically for this show using vintage instruments including a Hammond organ and pedal steel guitar. As host, I encourage listeners to reach out. Because the airing is live, requests are received nearly every show. Emails are also welcomed and acknowledged regularly. A strong fanbase has developed since originally airing in 2008.

During the most recent two months, recordings have aired from Ghana, Iceland, Ukraine, Brazil, Japan, Jamaica, Italy, Ireland, Turkey, Czechoslovakia, and more.

The goal is to inform and entertain. Insight is enthusiastically provided regarding the recordings and the artists. Current events are tied to 1970s origins. The passing away of artists are acknowledged with tributes. The music is as relevant and entertaining today – as ever!

This broadcast is presented as a continuous two-hour thread with the host talking over instrumental music beds between featured recordings. Except for occasional recorded station IDs (as required), there are no intervals without music. This seamless presentation provides a unique experience rarely available on radio.

The submitted 10-minute montage captures footage aired during the most recent two months. It includes the weekly show introduction, an interview sample of pedal steel guitarist Buddy Cage (Bob Dylan, Anne Murray, Mike Gordon), host announcements, and some music samples.

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Music - Rap or Similar

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CKXU - After The Smoke Is Clear

ATSIC Radio or “After The Smoke Is Clear” is a twice weekly hiphop radio show on CKXU 88.3FM in Lethbridge and syndicated on Edmonton based GRadio. For over 3 years, MC and host Doobyis has put the spotlight on Canadian based hiphop. ATSIC Radio originally started as project for Doobyis to share music from artists he’s met through the years as a performer, network with artists he has yet to meet and to share another part of his professional life: running a program out of a local homeless shelter that allowed its members to express themselves through poetry, cyphers and rapping. Since then, the radio show has become a beacon for emerging hiphop artists. Twice a week Doobyis curates the freshest tracks from Canadian emcees who have something to say and help them find their audience. No repeats tracks. No old releases. Just the hottest drops. The smoke may be running clear, but there’s still a fire burning and Doobyis might just be the fuel hiphop radio needs.

“They always tell you if you put the community first, the community will support back.”


WEBSITE: https://www.doobyis.com/posts/let-me-tell-you-about-atsic

Twitter: @Doobyis

Instgram: doobyis_

Twitch: Doobyis

Youtube: Doobyis

Facebook: @DoobyisMC

Music - Blues or Similar

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CKHA - The Buckslide Blues Cruise

My name is Patrick Monaghan, I host a 2 hour Blues live radio show called the Buckslide Blues Cruise on Canoe FM CKHA 100.9 Haliburton ON. This show is dedicated to preserving & promoting the Blues music genre, with a major component focusing on Canadian artists.  I try to educate the listeners about the early days of the Blues as played by the originals, while showcasing the young talent that are the proponents of modern Blues. My show pays special attention to the young or emerging Blues artist's, particularly the new Canadian talent.

The Buckslide Blues Cruise expands the definition of the Blues, as I say, "we play everything from Leadbelly to Led Zeppelin & there's a lot of music in between". Each week there is a featured artist new or old to introduce to the audience with special attention to Canadian performers. Quite often I have been able to arrange interviews; with the featured artist to help promote their new releases. Many of these artist's don't get enough airplay when they leave their home turf. I try to help correct that !

Some of the artist's that have been kind enough to give me their time are : David Gogo, Chuck Jackson, Sonnie Bernardi, Judy Brown, Harpdog Brown, Debra Power, David Vest, Steve Marriner, & many more.

To widen our scope in order to reach out to the youth of our community, myself and a few others have started a Blues Society to bring the Blues to the schools to nurture the young local talent. We have also been working on a program to bring Blues Music to the LTC homes in our area, by having local musicians play some live Blues for their entertainment.

Being involved with Canoe FM has become a cherished passion for me. The Buckslide Blues Cruise has allowed me so many opportunities to meet many people in the Blues Music industry, artist’s, promoters, record execs, venue owners, DJ's & most importantly many Blues fans like myself !


Music - Electronic or Similar

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CJSW - A Quiet Light

A Quiet Light was a radio show airing 7-10 AM on CJSW 90.9 FM from January 2020-July 2021. I attempted to explore the intersections where ambient, neo-classical, and electronic music meet to create an atmospheric morning mix. I envisioned A Quiet Light to be a direct response to the bombastic in-your-face morning radio on mainstream stations and affectionately positioned my program as a morning show for listeners who aren’t morning people. The 7 AM hour started with ambient and the playlist built towards house and EDM by 10 AM to get listeners energized for their day.

When the pandemic began I struggled to reconcile how best to respond to what the moment called for. Ultimately, I decided to dig deeper into the music’s ability to create a calm and cheerful audio oasis where listeners could escape from the news of the day. I introduced new segments into my show: at 7:30 AM I read a weekly meditation from The Daily Stoic and explored concepts of Stoic philosophy. I also gave a stargazer forecast at 8:30 AM so listeners could know about celestial events like meteor showers and would be encouraged to look to the skies as a balm to the deluge of pandemic news.

The submitted episode aired in April 2021 as part of CJSW’s Listener Appreciation Week, an initiative where hosts are encouraged to prepare a special program to thank listeners for their continued and overwhelming support of the station. I compiled a “best of” playlist that encapsulated the top artists and labels highlighted on my program from January-April 2021.

A Quiet Light allowed me to explore artists and genres I loved all the while creating an optimistic and upbeat message for the listeners. Thanks to the awards committee for their consideration.

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Music - Country or Similar

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CIVL - Andy's Attic

In early 1989 Andy Gronberg (aka Andy Grotesque) got a taste for radio when he visited CJIV (now called CJSF) in Burnaby at Simon Fraser University. His first show aired from 2:00 AM – 6:00 AM Saturday mornings in February of that year playing a wide variety of music from punk rock, heavy metal, indie rock, blues and everything in between. Eventually it moved to Saturday nights from 10:00 – Midnight. That show ran until mid 1994 and had several different names including “Grotesque Noise Error”, “The What Noise? Show” and the final name that stuck the longest: “Club Grotesque”.

In late 2001 he got involved with CiTR at U.B.C. with a good friend and they started a punk show called “Generation Annihilation”.  Then in 2007 he also became one of the hosts on Powerchord, the longest running heavy metal radio show in Canada.

Andy now hangs his hat at CIVL hosting Andy’s Attic every Saturday night from 8:00 PM – 10:00 PM. The first hour features a mix of music from old time, country, folk, bluegrass, blues and whatever else comes to mind. The second hour is an insane mix of punk rock and heavy metal, -listener discretion always advised.

Join Andy with guest co-hosts including his son Kai who comes up on a fairly regular basis to add some interesting and occasionally strange banter to the program. Every Friday night on CIVL!

Andys Attic

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Music - Punk or Similar

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CJSR - History of Punk - Women of Hardcore

HOP is a weekly look at the wide world of punk, voted "the best punk show that airs on Mondays at 10am" by its devoted listeners.

Hosts Rylan & Brittany play punk both new and old, across subgenres (and even across genre genres!) Listeners will also catch interviews with artists and activists alike, and discussions about social issues like gentrification, houselessness, police brutality, sexual violence, addiction & recovery and more, brought to you by two of the most positive, caring punks in town.

This episode sees Brittany running the show solo while Rylan is away, and features a heavy blast of hardcore featuring women and non-binary voices.


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Music - Jazz or Similar

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CKDU - The Swing Arrangement with Charles Hsuen

The Swing Arrangement began in various programs on various stations starting on the 3 April 1988. It was a tool to use for myself as a first generation Canadian who was not taught English until entering Kindergarten in Etobicoke at the age of 5. Traumatized and bullied at school, Charles had an ear for jazz music watching Mister Rogers Neighborhood on PBS. The piano stylings of Johnny Costa gave the program a sophisticated sound. Throughout the 1980s, legendary broadcaster Ted O’Reilly presented the Jazz Scene on CJRT 91.1 since 1965 and continued to do so until 2003. With the combination of the love of jazz music and the dulcet tones of Ted O’Reilly’s voice, the format of what would become The Swing Arrangement was born. In depth descriptions of musical selections encompassing the over a century of various genres of jazz.

The selections from the submission reel come from three high profile Canadian jazz musicians: Pianist Joe Sealy, Vocalist Heather Bambrick, and Saxophonist Mike Murley covering the diverse knowledge of jazz music in their deep rooted history. Both Joe and Heather are fellow broadcasters in what CJRT became- Jazz.FM 91 in Toronto. These interviews and music are my way of showcasing music that may not reach Halifax often especially with very few venues and outlets. As a board member of the TD Halifax Jazz Festival, I provide a venue for visiting musicians to promote and talk about upcoming events and hope to continue to do so in a post Covid world.

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/chsuen

Twitter: @charleshsuen

Insta: @charleshsuen


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Music - Metal or Similar

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CKDU - Drag The Waters

Drag The Waters came about from an intrinsic need to share the music I loved with the world. And I soon saw that I could do some real good with my show. I had a voice, an audience, and an opportunity. Since every band you've ever loved started out playing bars and clubs before they made it big, it frustrates me how little commercial radio stations seem to care about the future of music–the new music happening in their very cities around the world. As a result, my focus shifted from only playing music ignored in the mainstream (with some local cuts for flavor), to celebrating local and up-and-coming artists across the rock and metal spectrum. I have become Halifax's home of the hard and heavy over the past nine years, and I am proud to have showcased and interviewed so many local artists over those years. Wouldn't trade it for the world.

This reel features the Drag the Waters international spectacular, which aired June 5, 2021. This is also a special landmark episode for dedicated listeners of Drag the Water as it is the first to feature ‘co-host’ Ozzy Pawsbourne.

Ethan spins one from the first Chinese metal band, Tang Dynasty, highlighting the band’s importance from the perspective of Chinese censorship battles. Another feature in the set comes from Russia's most successful hard rock band Alisa.

The Japanese heavy metal band Ninjen Isu is brought in early. And soon after, one of the best songs in the show from Spanish stoner metal group BALA. This one features an incredible performance by their female lead (on vocals and guitar), Anexela Baltar. Later with a focus on ripping guitar, the show happily features Nigerian favourite Mdou Moctar. East Indian metal gets a big feature from the group Bloodywood. And the German metal scene is well represented from acts such as Rammstein and Megaherz.

Of course local favorites such as Doom Machine, Shadow of Everest, Dali Van Gogh, and others demonstrates Ethan’s unwavering support for the local Halifax music scene.

To close out the set, Ethan contextualizes his feature of Polaris Prize nominated Cree group nêhiyawak by advocating for the importance of clean drinking water in our first nations communities.

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Music - Alternative or Similar

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CJPE - The Sneptic Tank

The Sneptic Tank is a weekly 2hr show on 99.3 County FM (CJPE, Prince Edward County Radio Corporation) focusing on Alt Pop and Canadian Indie. The show hit the airwaves as part of the original lineup of shows for County FM in 2014. Nearing its 400th episode, the show's enduring appeal has attracted loyal listeners in the Bay of Quinte listening area, and across Canada, the US, and the UK. Each week host and producer Paul Snepsts takes listeners on a sonic trip across 40+ years dishing out a steady diet of 3-minute miracles that never seemed to find a home on commercial radio – it’s an eclectic trip through the landscape of Alternative Pop.


For eight years, Paul Snepsts’ annual Holiday show has been a highlight for listeners in Prince Edward County and across Canada. The Alt Christmas Spectacle is billed as “The sounds of the Holidays by the punks and slackers of Indie Rock." It never fails to add a little energy to the Holiday soundscape, living up to its promise to bring listeners a little "Christmas with attitude.” Over the years, The Spectacle's popularity has led to the show expanding into two separate installments.

This submission is from The Sneptic Tank's 8th Annual Alt Christmas Spectacle, originally aired December 16, 2021.


@993countyfm (Insta, Twitter, Facebook)

@SnepticTank (Insta, Twitter, Facebook)

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