2023 Breaking Barriers

2023 Breaking Barriers

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CFRO 100.5FM Vancouver Coop Radio - ReThreading Madness: Losing Malachy to a Drug Overdose - A Mother Speaks Out

ReThreading Madness has been on air for almost 4 years (formerly Both Sides Now). We challenge the status quo when it comes to mental health by flipping the standards found in most programs focused on mental health. Instead of educating solely through mental health professionals, RTM gives the mental health consumer voice and agency around what is true for them and their lived experience. Basically, we actively rethread the truths around our mad, mad world and in that challenge the oppression, discrimination, and misrepresentations faced by those who live with mental health challenges. RTM is a unique radio program and is a timely asset to accessible public programming.

RTM's 1-hour talk/public affairs radio program is produced out of Vancouver Coop Radio here in the heart of the DTES in Vancouver BC and aired on Tuesday evenings.  On Monday mornings, we re-air on CJUM 101.5FM in Winnipeg MB.  ReThreading Madness is now listened to all over the world including USA, UK, New Zealand, Australia, Norway among others.

RTM's 10-min submission is from an hour-long program interviewing Helen Thomas, mom of 5 (+1) and counsellor here in Vancouver BC. Helen lost her 18-year old son to a fentanyl drug overdose. Bernadine and Helen talk about this experience, how it has impacted on her, her husband and their other children, and what she believes needs to happen to protect all our children from this dangerous drug. It is titled "Losing Malachy to a Drug Overdose: A Mother Speaks Out."

RTM's host, Bernadine Fox, is an award-winning mental health advocate with 30+ years experience. She volunteers her time, not just here with ReThreading Madness, but with TELL an organization that supports people all over the globe who have experienced harm at the hands of their therapist. An artist herself, she has been on the board of several disability arts organizations and worked many years as co-curator at a Vancouver art gallery. She expertly guides people through interviews and is always willing to ask the hard questions to unearth what really lies beneath the surface of our lives.

What people say about ReThreading Madness:

"I listen to your show every Tuesday while driving home. Thank you."

"It helped me understand what I was dealing with. I thought I was alone."

"So clear and concise. Thank you."

"I was driving home from my job in Abbotsford, to Surrey. I heard your conversation on Tuesday 7 June with Kassandra. Wow. Please tell her thanks for sharing her story, thanks for her courage, just thanks for her humanity. I chose today to NOT listen to the news, because it's always negative, horrible, repetitive; as if the media are all slaves to just horrifying everyone else. I was wishing for some "good news." Kassandra's story sucks, but what she has done, who she has made of herself; that is wonderful news. It was humbling, and a wonderful listen. I was scanning across the radio for something worth my time. I could not stop listening. Thank you. I don't know why, but you two really spoke to me today. Thanks for doing what you do."

"Listening to the interview with Rebecca on Co-op 100.5 FM CFRO right now... resonates deeply. Your show is such an amazing gift to me."

"Listened to several programs on therapy abuse. Thank you so much. Vital information and so necessary.”


Check out the award-winning submission:

Breaking Barriers ReThreading Madness: Losing Malachy to a Drug Overdose - A Mother Speaks Out



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