2023 Sports Broadcast

2023 Sports Broadcast

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CIVL - Bush League a Canucks Hockey Podcast

After welcoming back former UFV Cascade Journalism Society Sports Editor Justin a decade after his time on campus, he and Karl birthed ‘Bush League’ dubbing themselves Beast and the Bear, as they returned AHL hockey to the Abbotsford airwaves in 2021. Justin passed tragically that winter, and while Bush League developed a tribute to its lost comrade in January of 2022, the program continued for the Abbotsford Canucks’ second season with a new co-host and the same focus on local amateur hockey from a pro perspective.

Producer Names: Karl Lundgren, Aaron Levy, Emma Hones, Joti Sidhu, Teryn Midzain

Instagram: _bush league https://www.instagram.com/_bushleague/?hl=en

Podbean: https://www.podbean.com/site/search/index?kdsowie31j4k1jlf913=7b598d1e4d221f4ab5dd39393771a1dd157ece44&v=Bush+League+A+Canucks

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Bush League a Canucks Hockey Podcast