2023 Women’s Hands and Voices

2023 Women's Hands and Voices

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CJRU 1280 AM - Board gaming and the gendered division of leisure by Abby Hughes

This piece was produced by Abby Hughes, a Toronto Metropolitan University Journalism student and current intern for CBC's Frontburner. It was produced for the program, The Final Word, a weekly student-issues and local news program.

Synopsis: Studies show that women don’t have as much leisure time as men. But board game researcher Tanya Pobuda found a deeper pattern in their doctoral dissertation. In interviews with board game enthusiasts, women reported they had not only less time, but lacked the mental energy at the end of the day to play these games.

We’ll hear from Pobuda about the importance of board games, their findings and how the industry is starting to make innovative games that work better with people’s busy schedules. Plus, a sociology professor, Melissa Milkie, studying gender, work and family at the University of Toronto will help us understand the gendered division of labour outside of this niche board gaming group.

Full episode available: https://soundcloud.com/scopeatryerson/board-gaming-and-the-gendered-division-of-leisure


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Board gaming and the gendered division of leisure