2023 Honorable Mentions

Breaking Barriers

Honorable Mention –

CJLY - What If?

Hello, I am a "mature" doctoral grad student working on post secondary curriculum on environmental health and environmental justice. I started out in community radio at KPFA in Berkeley, CA (US) many years ago when I was fifteen. I believe that community radio is the last true democratic media venue left in most places in the world, and I feel lucky to have returned back to my roots by becoming a programmer at CJLY in Nelson, BC. The montage that I am submitting from my show What If? consists of excerpts that have aired on various dates in 2022. Stories include: a settler woman who recognizes her mother's murder is tied to the legacy of Indigenous genocide, a local journalist describing a special RCMP unit arresting lawful protestors defending old growth forests in our community, an MLA who is proposing a new BC Provincial law enforcement agency that is community centered and focused on de-escalation, and a local woman of African descent who has a project spanning all of Canada called Black and Rural.

What If?

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Best in Podcasting

Honorable Mention –

CJSW - Ears Have Eyes

Ears Have Eyes is a podcast series at CJSW that takes its listeners on a journey, exploring how sound is perceived by humans by inviting international, national, and local artists to share their work, whether they create experimental songs, spatial soundscapes, or spoken word productions. The podcast’s hosts, Caitlind RC Brown and Wayne Garrett, sit down to discuss the audio pieces with the artists, to learn more about the why and how behind the art. With incredible production quality, interview skills, and a clear dedication to providing space for unique, underappreciated artists and sounds, Brown and Garrett have made Ears Have Eyes stand out as an example of the power and impact that podcasting can have. Creating a podcast series is one thing, but creating a unique podcast is becoming increasingly hard in such a saturated market, and Ears Have Eyes have done exactly that, with every episode being an exciting, engaging, new experience for your ears, every time you tune in.

Ears Have Eyes

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Creative Production

Honorable Mention –

CFRO - The Yellow Wallpaper

Unsigned BC is a weekly program that focuses on playing and promoting local musicians in all genres. The standard form of the show has generally tracked commercial radio or the public radio broadcasting format. However, in 2021 the host, along with voice actor Pamela Martinez and local musical prodigy Jack Campbell, recorded an audio drama version of the Victorian horror story “The Yellow Wallpaper.” The episode was re-edited and aired again twice in 2022.

When it came to production, Pamela took care of all of the voice acting as the story is a monologue. The story is public domain due to its age, and Pamela’s acting gave the script new life. Jack Campbell recorded dozens of songs and riffs of differing lengths that he felt matched the energy and story telling. He played piano, acoustic guitar, violin, and even did a few face-melting guitar solos. The host and creator of Unsigned BC acted as the Foley, along with his former partner Kaitlin Krupa. He was also responsible for putting the finished product together – the biggest task being matching the music to the story appropriately.

The final result is approximately forty minutes of incredible acting as Pamela Martinez reads a haunting monologue about a women descending into madness in an old country manor. The acting is punctuated by some incredibly atmospheric and intense music from Jack Campbell. I have attached a couple of brief excerpts from the program, which includes a fake commercial.


@unsignedbc on Instagram

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Current Affairs or Magazine Show

Honorable Mention –

CIUT - The Bill King Show

The Bill King Show. We are excited to show the judges a highlight reel of what the Bill King Show has offered listeners in Southern Ontario.

The focuses on new music, cultural waves, faces in the news, fresh ideas, a glimpse at the past, the sounds of the future – all done with humour, clarity and a determination to share the best in all of us.

Host: Bill King

Contact: thebillkingshow@ciut.fm

Web: mixcloud.com

Through the sixties and seventies, Bill King was the music director for Linda Ronstadt, Janis Joplin, Martha Reeves, The Pointer Sisters and others. King arrived in Canada in 1969 and scored a record deal with legendary producers Jack Richardson and Bob Ezrin. Through the years King has been nominated three times for Juno’s, won New Artist of the Year with his Rockit 88 Band at the Maple Blues Awards, two-time Producer and Photographer of the Year from the National Jazz Awards – four nominations for Jazz Journalist of the Year, and twice nominated for Jazz Photo of the Year by the International Jazz Journalist Association. King’s career in radio began at Q-107 in 1985, eventually building a national network, The Jazz Report Radio Network 1988-91, heard in 26 Canadian cities. Currently, King hosts the Bill King Show CIUT 89.5.

Jessica Bellamy is thrilled to be a part of The Bill King Show as a technical producer and co-host since 2017. Her guest highlights include Bif Naked, Laila Biali, Les Stroud, Hilario Durand, OKAN, and Ernesto Cervini.

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"OUT LOUD" Best in LGBT+ Programming

Honorable Mention –

CIUT-FM - Rainbow Country, Trans Healthcare In Canada

Rainbow Country is a little gay radio show that originates from CIUT-FM in Toronto & is now heard on 12 outlets across Canada, from Coast to Coast to Coast.

Producer, Host & Creator Mark Tara who is multi-racial [West Indian, Black & Irish] & considers himself "Androgyny" creates his LGBT content like Rainbow Country to help give a national voice to the LGBT community & beyond.

On episode 307 of Rainbow Country

Award-Winning Journalist & Radio Programmer Rhea Rollmann joins Mark Tara in conversation to talk about

Trans Healthcare In Canada

Inspired by her The Independent 2021 article

Transforming Transition-Related Surgeries in Newfoundland, Rhea Rollmann talks about what inspired her article. The state of Canada's Trans healthcare system. Her personal Trans journey & so much more.


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Music: Punk or similar music

Honorable Mention –

CFFF - The Antidote, Episode 526: The Nailheads

I’m Dave Hawkins, host of The Antidote, which has been airing throughout the facilities of Trent Radio CFFF FM, since the fall of 2011.

The Antidote, Episode 526: The Nailheads, originally aired through the facilities of Trent Radio, CFFF FM, on April 27, 2022.

The Antidote had an in-depth discussion with band frontman, Ritchy Nails, about the punk attitude of The Nailheads, the spiritual aspect of many of their songs, creating music in the Montreal music scene, the history of punk music and how the punk genre is open to many variations and influences.




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Third Language

Honorable Mention –

CICK - El Mataderos

For this award, we are excited to submit a unique program that has been on the CICK dial for over 3 years. El Mataderos (the slaughterhouse) is a Spanish language program hosted by 5 friends born on the outskirts of Buenos Aires. The program focuses on news, music and social issues that crosses borders and spans contents. As the hosts live in different locations around the globe, their show requires technical skills and capacity that has been perfected over the pandemic and now results in a professional, cohesive program that conveys a feeling of fellowship while also providing relevant discourse on present times.

We think you will agree that this is an excellent example of a program that is not limited by borders. It takes modern communication technologies and technical know-how that when combined with FM bandwidth, allows for the sharing of opinion and ideas that have a relevant impact on communities around the world.


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Music: Classical Century or similar music

Honorable Mention –

CKDU - Saturday Morning Classical Box

Walter Kemp has been with CKDU the longest time. His show "Saturday Morning Classical Box" is classical music featuring interviews with local performers.

Website: https://ckdu.ca/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ckdu881fm/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/CKDU881FM

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CKDU88.1FM

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Music: Rap or similar music

Honorable Mention –

CKXU - After the Smoke is Clear

ATSIC Radio or “After The Smoke Is Clear” is a twice weekly hiphop radio show on CKXU 88.3FM in Lethbridge and syndicated on Edmonton based GRadio. For over 3 years, MC and host Doobyis has put the spotlight on Canadian based hiphop. ATSIC Radio originally started as project for Doobyis to share music from artists he’s met through the years as a performer, network with artists he has yet to meet and to share another part of his professional life: running a program out of a local homeless shelter that allowed its members to express themselves through poetry, cyphers and rapping. Since then, the radio show has become a beacon for emerging hiphop artists. Twice a week Doobyis curates the freshest tracks from Canadian emcees who have something to say and help them find their audience. No repeats tracks. No old releases. Just the hottest drops. The smoke may be running clear, but there’s still a fire burning and Doobyis might just be the fuel hiphop radio needs.

“They always tell you if you put the community first, the community will support back.”


WEBSITE: https://www.doobyis.com/posts/let-me-tell-you-about-atsic

Twitter: @Doobyis

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Music: Rock or similar music

Honorable Mention –

CJAM -Revolution Rock, Episode 949: Chronic Town & All Day Dreaming

Revolution Rock is a long running syndicated radio program hosted and produced by David Konstantino and Adam Peltier that first started broadcasting in the late night hours on CJAM over 15 years ago. It features 60s garage rock, 70s punk/new wave, surf, alternative, indie rock and new/old music within and beyond those genres. In 2020, Revolution Rock began airing in syndication on several NCRA campus/community radio stations and in addition to CJAM FM is currently airing on 13 (at the time of this submission) different stations.

In 2020-early 2022, Revolution Rock was recorded at home due to the pandemic. The program garnered many different interviews during this time with New York punk icon/author Richard Hell, Patrick Flegel (of Cindy Lee/Women), Mike Wallace (of Preoccupations/Women), Mark Arm and Steve Turner of Mudhoney, King Khan, Bloodshot Bill, The Garrys, Steven Lambke, Chad VanGaalen, Paul Jacobs, Michael Lachowski & Vanessa Hay of Athens, GA post punk band Pylon and many others. The clips found here are from episode #949 that originally aired on August 27th, 2022 and shows the program’s ability to highlight both an album/EP anniversary and a newer more contemporary band with music and an interview. These clips feature discussions highlighting the importance of Athens, Georgia band R.E.M. and their Chronic Town EP from 1982 providing context of the band and why/how they became so important to what was going to become known as college rock, indie rock and their general influence. The interview with songwriter/musician Shawn of London, ON band Baby Giant discusses the recording of their album All Day Dreaming and the realities of playing in the current music scene there.

Website: https://revrock.blogspot.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RevolutionRockCJAM


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Music: Variety Program

Honorable Mention –

CJLY - RadioMixtape

RadioMixtape is a weekly radio program on Kootenay Coop Radio (CJLY) in Nelson, BC.

With the tagline: “New and used hits, lost and found gems” the show regularly weaves together a sonic pastiche of new releases from Canada and around the world with obscure, underground past and present sounds. Mixing in audio samples from films, political speeches, and cultural artifacts like old commercials and interviews, the show is a love letter to the days when people spent hours creating personalized mixtapes to share music with their friends.

While it leans towards rock and roll, RadioMixtape also delves into  jazz, funk, electronic music, hip-hop and even touches the fringes of classical and the avant-garde. A contemporary punk song can just as easily be followed by a long lost folk song from the 1960s as by an electro-acoustic composition from France.

Each week, the friendly and warm introduction at the top of the show welcomes listeners to “their” own radio mixtape and then connects the sequence of songs they will hear on Side A. Side A begins with  a 3-4 minute opening,  followed by a 26 minute uninterrupted flow of music and sounds.

At the end of side A, the tracks for Side B are listed (complete with tidbits of information) and then Side B plays.

While there is a reliable format  to the show, the music type and tone is varied and carefully curated to create a seamless auditory experience. Genres and audio snippets are mixed with care and special consideration is placed on highlighting the wide variety of Canadian music being produced today. RadioMixtape strives to discover and bring forward obscure and underground sounds and has uncovered a number of under-exposed musical artists from across Canada, in a variety of genres.


This submission is part audio montage with the first part offering a variety of introductions and a showcase of the variety of music on any given show. The second half is a sample of a regular program section. All "samples" are from episodes recorded and aired in 2022.

Jan 5, Feb 16, Aug 25, Sept 8, Oct 13, Nov 10, Dec 8


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2023 Best in Podcasting

2023 Best in Podcasting

Congratulations –

CJLY-FM (Kootenay Co-op Radio) A Door to be Kicked: A Radio Play by Fred Wah

A Door to be Kicked is a radio play/podcast in three-acts by poet, novelist, scholar and former Canadian Parliamentary Poet Laureate Fred Wah.

Set in a small-town Chinese-Canadian cafe in the 1950s, the play explores themes of place, identity, history, and culture, with particular focus on the Chinese heritage that was such an important (and often overlooked) aspect of the settlement period of the Columbia Basin in B.C.

Produced as a partnership between Kootenay Co-op Radio and The Nelson Museum of Art and History, the play was workshopped in two live performances in Nelson in 2019. It was subsequently produced for radio and as a podcast in 2022.

Website: https://adoortobekicked.weebly.com/

Podcast: https://anchor.fm/a-door-to-be-kicked

Creative team:
  • Script by: Fred Wah
  • Dramaturge: Nicola Harwood
  • Producer, audio producer, podcast producer: Catherine Fisher
  • Director: Bessie Wapp
  • Original music by: Don Macdonald
  • Technical director: Anthony Sanna
  • Vancouver studio technician: Molly Caron
  • The Poet: Brahm Taylor
  • Fred Wah Sr.: Fred Wah (recording), Clement Lam (public performance)
  • Freddie Wah: Tashi Higgs
  • Connie, Mary Morrison: Marya Folinsbee
  • Pong, Shu Mar, Grampa Wah, Lawrence Mar, storekeeper, waiter: Jason Xiao
  • Ed, Sandy, bus driver, girlfriend's father: Don Gordon
  • Teacher: Bessie Wapp
  • Cafe customer: Anthony Sanna


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A Door to be Kicked: A Radio Play by Fred Wah