Best In Podcast 2019

Congratulations –

Alex de Boer, CITR-FM

Part 1: How We Got Here: A History of Vision Vancouver

My name is Alex de Boer and I'm the Podcast Coordinator at CiTR 101.9FM. This piece was produced by myself with reporting assistance from Zubin Shroff-Mehrabadi of CiTR's News Collective.

"How We Got Here" is a sub-series within the CiTR News Collective's larger municipal politics podcast—Seeking Office.

Seeking Office began as a pop-up podcast on Vancouver's 2018 municipal election. Using narrative storytelling, "How We Got Here" provides historical context for how and why Vancouver's current political landscape looks the way it does. Seeking Office aims to engage listeners in municipal politics and local democracy by taking innovative approaches to news podcasting.

“A History of Vision Vancouver” zooms in on the origins of the centre-left party that held a majority on City Council and the mayor’s seat in Vancouver for the past ten years. In order to answer how this party changed over the years, Part 1 explores where Vision Vancouver began and how they came to rule the City for a full decade.

**This is an edited-down version of the first half of the original piece**

Honourable Mention:

Braden Alexander. CJSW-FM, 2018 Olympic Plebiscite Coverage

Honourable Mention:

Mehek Mazhar. CHRW-FM, Don’t Push the River