Best in Podcasting 2018

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Peterborough Currents: Ep 2: Spill Closes, Jackson Creek, Reading Week, RC4G - Will Pearson and Josh Skinner (Ayesha Barmania) - CFFF - FM

Will Pearson and Josh Skinner (Ayesha Barmania)

Peterborough Currents is a podcast dedicated to telling the stories of the people, politics, and passions that make our city tick. The show is hosted by Ayesha Barmania and Will Pearson. Primarily a podcast, we also air on Trent Radio (CFFF).

Our second episode has four stories. First, we ask attendees of The Spill’s final concert to share what the iconic venue has meant to them. Secondly, we explore the potential of daylighting Jackson Creek in Peterborough’s downtown.

A new contributor provides our third story; Josh Skinner, co-editor of Arthur, has produced an audio essay about the chill vibe on campus during Trent University’s autumn reading week. Finally, a documentary by Will Pearson introduces listeners to Rock Camp For Girls.

In this excerpt we have included the segment on Jackson Creek and the audio essay about Reading Week.

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Honourable Mention:

Full Circle - Max Collins - CFUV - FM

Honourable Mention:

Canada 200 - Peter Oliver - CJSW - FM