Best in Student Programming 2020

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CITR-FM: Violet Myles - The Intimacy of Voicemails

I'm in my third year at the University of British Columbia studying film and creative writing. I became involved with the student radio station and discovered a love for audio journalism and storytelling. About a year ago, I began receiving the misplaced voicemails for a woman named "Anne". Despite my best efforts to redirect these calls to their proper voicemail box, I'm still receiving messages for Anne to this day. I became a voyeur into Anne's life. It sent me on a journey, exploring how voicemails can act as small time capsules which reveal so much about the person who sends them as well as the person receiving them.

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Honourable Mention:

CJSW-FM:Jess Arcand - Mint Condition


Honourable Mention:

CFUV-FM: Sylas Serne, Andrew Hynes, Mary Decker - Rate My Backlash