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The Antidote - HeeSun Lee feature - Dave Hawkins - CFFF - FM

I’m Dave Hawkins, host of The Antidote which airs through Trent Radio CFFF Peterborough since 2011. As many other community radio hosts have, I came to the radio medium through a personal passion. I elected to create a radio program focused on the art of music generated by artists who share a Christian world-view in their music. The Antidote differs greatly from that heard on mainstream Christian radio as it comes from a non-evangelical stand. Each sixty episode features a specific artist who comes for an in-depth interview and their music is also shared during the program. Over the past few years several radio stations in the United States have decided to air The Antidote for their listeners.

This particular episode features HeeSun Lee, a New York City rapper. HeeSun broke through the status quo with her music. By being a woman, of Korean-American descent, and a Christian, the odds were stacked against her finding any form of success in the music scene. Her music is significant, as are her opinions, and she expresses both during this feature.

On a personal level, I’m recently retired. When I’m not consumed with preparing The Antidote, I enjoy spending my time with my wife and friends, camping. canoeing, and enjoying a good cup of coffee.

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