Breaking Barriers 2016

Breaking Barriers Winner 2016

Honourable Mentions to Joshua Corcoran and Kai Sinclair for Accessibility Special with Rick Hansen, Druh Farrell, and Anita Hofer (CJSW – FM)

Honourable Mention to Lauren Crazybull, Marvic Adecer for This Is Blackfoot Territory – Organizing Darkmatter (CKXU-FM)

The winning program’s judge’s comments “great starting feel. really positive, respectful, beautiful.” And “very natural. i was smiling the entire time. very informative”

Congratulations –

Olivia Marie Golosky – Through the Kaleidoscope (CJSW-FM)


Other notes: – Olivia Marie is Syrian. French. Canadian. From Treaty 8, Fort McMurray. Stage manager, technician, writer, creator, cyclist and gardener.

Through the Kaleidoscope is a monthly series documenting conversations with diverse artists from across Canada. Our conversations focus on the challenges faced by the artist in their respective communities and industries.  This clip features excerpts from the first three episodes. Episode 1: Olivia spoke with Zambian born artist Makambe K. Simamba about her new work-in-progress; A Chitenge Story. Episode 2: MoMo Dance Theatre is changing the face of integrated dance in Canada. This past February, MoMo hosted its first ever inclusive teacher training workshop. Participants from around the country came to Calgary to to celebrate diversity and inclusivity in dance. Episode 3: Interviews with Jenna Rodgers and Donna-Michelle St. Bernard about #OscarsSoWhite and racial diversity.