Breaking Barriers 2019

Congratulations –

Deepi Leihl, CiTR-FM,  

Panel on Disability Terminology & Language

This is a live panel episode of All Access Pass—a biweekly radio program by CiTR's Accessibility Collective. The Accessibility Collective produces content about equity, inclusion, and accessibility by and for people with diverse abilities. CiTR is excited to nominate this All Access Pass episode for the Breaking Barriers award.

This is one of the hottest topics around: terminology and the language used to discuss accessibility and disability topics. According to various advocacy groups, the Province of B.C. has replaced the word "handicapped" with the phrase "special needs." In reaction, people with disabilities have asked whether this is appropriate.

Our panel poses this very question as host, Nicole Babor, introduces the topic, along with CiTR's Accessibility Collective members, Sarah, Kevin and Lidia. They are joined in studio by three panelists, Nicole Le, Alison MK and Mark John Babor, who, themselves, have a disability. All three give their thoughts and opinions on the matter. The panelists are asked which words or terms they don't like people to use and why. As the conversation progresses, a larger question arises—how important is it for news reporters and the media to be better educated on disability language? This panel is a conversation on best practices for communicating in an inclusive and respectful way, with and about people of all abilities. The topic is especially meaningful to the Collective both because it has real implications for them as people with disabilities and because they themselves are media.


Honourable Mention:

Cathy Burrell, Linda Rainey. CJSW-FM. Aged to Perfection & Old Enough to Know Better