Community Engagement Award 2020

Congratulations –

CJSW-FM: City Spotlight

We have an ongoing segment at CJSW called City Spotlight that showcases some of Calgary’s amazing non-profit organizations and the work they do for their communities and for our city as a whole. City Spotlight airs daily and features a new organization each week. For City Spotlight, we bring a representative from a local non-profit into our station for an off-air interview that is then edited into a short segment for air throughout a designated week later that month.

CJSW’s City Spotlight initiative began in June of 2019, having evolved from our long-running CJSW Salutes program. However, CJSW Salutes featured a different non-profit each month and aired less frequently and we wanted to be able to showcase and promote more than 12 organizations a year, so we created the City Spotlight, which allows us to feature dozens of groups every year

In addition to airing each weekly segment 8-10 times, we also feature each organization on our social media page, post the audio to our website and Soundcloud page, share it with each organization for them to use as promotion on their own social media and web pages, and occasionally have them come in for an additional on-air interview that is longer and more in-depth than the original off-air interview.

City Spotlight is a fantastic way for local organizations to tell their story in their own words to our listeners, and to reach people they may not yet have reached. It’s also a great way for CJSW to build and maintain strong relationships with the many wonderful and diverse Calgary groups that make our city an amazing place to live.