Creative Production 2019

Congratulations –

Victoria Stanford, Braden Alexander, CJSW-FM

Funding Drive audio

The annual Funding Drive is CJSW’s opportunity to reach out to all parts of the community. The theme this year was a swashbuckling adventurous one as the S.S. Wavebreaker set sail to find the treasure of Radio Nautica! Production Coordinator Victoria Stanford, Spoken Word Coordinator Braden Alexander and the Production Department team flexed their creative muscles when crafting the Funding Drive audio. In it, they tell of the trials and tribulations of the S.S. Wavebreaker as it edged closer and closer to their ultimate goal. Ghosts, krakens, deadly storms, and other disasters faced the crew and the production team made it seem all too real! The triumphs of the S.S. Wavebreaker were also the triumphs of the listenership, as their support helps to keep CJSW on the air.

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Honourable Mention:

Dave Wheatley. CJPE-FM. Creative Production at County FM

Honourable Mention:

Chad Brunet. CJSR-FM. CJSR FunDrive Promo: Rockin Pete’s 

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