Creative Production

Honourable Mentions to Elissa Pearl Matthews ‘Echo Beach’ – Bowie Sound Collage (CJRU-AM)

Honourable Mention Patrick Reddick – Media Are Plural’s Federal Election Attack Ads (CFFF-FM)

The winner was judged as being “Very kid friendly programming and content. Good use of gender-balance voicework.” Another judge described it as “It is a radio play, and so it adds artistic value and contributions to the community, especially through a form that is rarely heard at all any more. Very unique and entertaining. It is a very unique story.

They also said “Extremely good execution of music beds, sound effects, voicework. Well-balanced levels and good pacing. Excellent storytelling. Would listen again to a full episode.” And “So refreshing and unique, and quite enjoyable. Highly creative and excellent presentation and production. It has the perfect music, perfect sound effects, different actors breaking up the narrative … quite excellent. I want to hear all of her shows!

Congratulations –

Nikola Van de Wetering – Fanny’s Fiendish Fairy Tales (CJSW-FM)


Other notes: – Taking inspiration from The Brothers’ Grimm fairytales, which don’t so much as teach morals as they terrify readers, Van de Wetering narrates the stories as Fanny, combining actors’ voices, sound effects, and bed music to transport the listener into a fantastic and frightening soundscape.