Documentary 2019

Congratulations –

Rob McKenna, CKMS-FM

Radio Waterloo -  The Documentary

My Name is Rob McKenna (DJ Steel on CKMS) I was hoping to make a documentary about the UW referendum and how CKMS lost funding and how it arrived at it's current (2017) state. During the course of filming I had community members volunteer to be interviewed and told stories from before that time. I was able to research back and interview members of Radio Waterloo, CKMS and CKWR about the whole creation of Community Radio right across Canada. The documentary was blogged about by Alan Cross and was a feature presentation at the Deep Cuts Film Festival in Kitchener.

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Honourable Mention:

Anthony Goertz. CJSR-FM. The Ballad of Myrtle and Charlie Ed

Honourable Mention:

Ayesha Barmania. CFFF-FM. Operation Catnip saves feral cats and you can too

Honourable Mention:

Greg Bowman. CHRW-FM. Swimming for Syria - Victor Lal