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Common Questions

Do the 10 Minute submissions need to be unedited, or can they be a montage?

You can submit a montage, as long as the total is 10 minutes or less. A montage will make your submission more competitive. Be sure not to include entire songs in your submission, and focus on the skill of the DJ.

Can more than one show from a single station submit to the same category?

We have no limits on the number of entries per station. We have a limit of the number of entries per show and producer. For example, if Ken, Bill and Juli do a show, Show X, Having a separate submission from, Bill. Ken and Juli is not allowed. One show, one Submission is the general rule. There are no limits for stations, with the exception of the 'station awards' such as community development, volunteer of the year etc.

Can I use the same episode (submission) for multiple submissions?

If you are applying for more than one category, for example, podcasting and syndicated. You would have to provide two different examples of your work. 
You can not apply the same material in multiple applications. 

When should the submission have been made?

For the year in which the awards are being held, ALL submissions need to have been created in the previous year. For example, for the award year of 2018 all of the submissions need to have been created in 2017. We ask those applying for the 'broadcast day'. For producers submitting to the podcast category, we will use the date of publication and for syndicated shows, the first broadcast date, or the publication date to the Community Radio Exchange. 

For the Student Award, what does it mean - For Students?

It has to be for a student audience. 

So for example, a show about let's say, City traffic laws would be a bad fit, 
But a show looking at students protesting a safe injection site being shut down would be a better fit as it centres the voices of students. 

Of course, for the sake of the judges, the more relatable it is to students, the more likely it will be to win. 

Is it possible to see the rubric or judging form?

This year we are making available an example of what both the station rubric, and the individual application rubric will look like. These are provided to the judges and include everyone applying in each category. 

See the Judging Forms Here

I have a spoken word show that doesn't seem to fit, where should I submit it?

In this case, I would suggest a quick phone call with the NCRA/ANREC office. Often you may not realize that there is flexibility within the awards categories. The show may be created by women and be eligible for women's hands and voices or could be eligible for the magazine format award. We can best direct you to which category to submit to. 

See the Judging Forms Here

Can the 10 minute submission be from multiple episodes? Do you need the full submission?

We no longer require the full episode.
We require a 10-minute excerpt. The preference is for 1 episode. This will give the judges the more clear idea of your style, content etc.
The form also requires a written submission. We are looking for a bit of context to your program and the particular show you've submitted.
If you want an idea of the submissions you can see the winning submissions from past winners.
If your submissions are longer than 10 minutes the judges are asked to listen to only the first 10 minutes.

Our show is both a live radio show and a podcast. Would we qualify to apply for this award?

The answer is yes. We do require that you 'primarily' are distributed online. Essentially, is your online audience well established? And as robust, or bigger than your on-air audience? 

Is there a French version of the forms available?

This year we were not able to create a French version of the forms before the launch date. We will accept the answers in French. If you use Google to translate the form (I checked, and it appeared to be accurate), we will accept the answers in French and there will be no issues regarding judging.

What is the difference between Current Affairs and the NEWS category?

This is a difficult question as the categories of radio program can merge together at some points. However, for the sake of the awards the NCRA/ANREC define Current Affairs/Magazine show as being the soft news. This would include in-depth analysis and opinion. For News, we see this as hard news, which would primarily involve fact reporting. For any clarification please contact luke@ncra.ca 

Who is Neskie Manuel?

For information on who is Neskie Manuel go here!

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