Game Changers 2019

Congratulations –

Jacky Tuinstra Harrison, CJRU-AM

Recognized by the NCRA/ANREC for incredible and game changing advocacy for community and campus radio within Toronto, the leadership showed with CJRU-AM. In addition, over the past year the advocacy, leadership and tenacity in advocating for campus stations within Ontario in reaction to the Ontario Conservative government's Student Choice Initiative.

Congratulations –

John K Muir, CFFF-FM

This was awarded by the NCRA/ANREC staff in recognition of John's dedication and pivotal role in the community and campus radio in Peterborough. Over the years John K Muir has been nominated multiple times for Volunteer of the Year and Radio Legend. A substantial body of support, in addition to the NCRA/ANREC's staff's own experience working with John, demonstrated that as a Game Changer, there were few others who would be better qualified for the inaugural award.