Local Talent Development

The judges said of this submission “Creative ideas, formal and informal involvement of students in learning how to be or support artists, training and performance opportunities.”

Congratulations –

CHRW – Seven Day Sessions/ Down the Hall Sessions


Other notes: – Using their newly renovated recording studio they have been able to record dozens of artist’s live-to-air at professional quality, something many do not have the funds for. In addition to recording, they matched the majority of recordings with high quality video. Many of the videos featuring local artists reach thousands of viewers and are shared by hundreds on Facebook. Along with supporting community talent, the production department has been focused on supporting student talent as well. 94.9 CHRW has set up two exciting initiatives to offer student artists audio, video and promotional resources they would otherwise be unable to achieve independently. Seven Day Sessions has been a successful video series highlighting the immense musical talent at Western University. Over the course of a week an undergraduate artist professionally records one of their songs by another student producer.

Down The Hall Sessions is the newest initiative in developing local talent, a series that features videos of 1st year artists performing original songs in their residence rooms with their friends as the audience. Our hope is to inspire creativity, passion and curiosity for quality content creation early in a student’s undergrad experience and hope to continue that engagement throughout their studies at Western.