Music Awards 2018

Music Award - Classical Music

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Unprocessed - Mark Limacher and Laura Reid - CJSW - FM

Laura and Mark break down the barriers to classical music on Unprocessed every Tuesday from 7-10 AM. Their engaging, often hilarious discussions invites the listener along as they explore the contexts, history, and influence the classical tradition writ large has on music history.

Each episode of Unprocessed explores classical music through a specific thematic lens. In their episode from May, Mark and Laura dissected the intersection of music and visual art inspired by a Georgia O’Keefe exhibit Laura visited at the Royal Ontario Museum. From there, they move from Baroque to orchestral to contemporary and back without losing the thread of their theme.

The heart of Unprocessed is Mark and Laura’s witty, delightful banter that serves as an educational treatise on classical music. Please accept their nomination for best Music - Classical

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Music Award - Country or Folk

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Saturday Edge - Steve Edge  - CITR - FM

Steve Edge, Host/Producer of this weekly radio show since June 1985. It began as a 90 minute Saturday morning show in 1985, was moved - briefly - to Tuesday evenings, and then reverted back to Saturdays in 1987, when it became a four hour show. The first hour is mostly contemporary African music, with occasional forays into Scandinavia, Latin America, Asia, and the Mediterranean. The second hour is primarily made up of blues and cajun / zydeco, with some bluegrass, gypsy jazz, and old time fiddle music. The third hour tends to be predominantly singer/songwriters, and the final hour is mostly Celtic and trad. I unusually maintain - or exceed - a 50/ 50 male / female split, and 35-50% CanCon. I have shortened all songs to a short excerpt for the purposes of this submission.

I am also Artistic Director of Rogue Folk, presenting 50 concerts of folk & roots music per year since 1987 at St. James Hall in Kitsilano. I was inducted into the B.C. Entertainment Hall of Fame in 2016 as a Pioneer, and won the Slaight foundation Unsung Hero Award at the Canadian Folk Music Awards in Toronto in 2016. I am founding member of the Folk DJ list, which reports all folk music airplay and is the basis of several annual awards at the International Folk Alliance conference every February.

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Music Award - Jazz & Blues

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Round Midnight - Lorne Kearns, Paul Richl, Janric Gonzales (editor) - CJNU - FM

Round Midnight is a show running 4 nights a week (Mon-Thu) on CJNU, produced by two of our volunteers - Lorne Kearns and Paul Richl. Lorne is retired, after a career working for CN Rail; and Paul is a local musician, playing bass and guitar in a number of bands. They met, and shared their passion for great Jazz music, here at CJNU. Neither had any radio experience prior to becoming volunteers at the station.

Round Midnight airs at 11pm, and is explicitly designed 'to put the listener to sleep'! Lorne likes to joke that if you're awake at the end of the show, he's not done his job properly!

The show is comprised of soft jazz - ranging from the earliest days of the genre, through to some of the smoothest recordings of today; and features many great homegrown Canadian artists. Paul will also often share some poetry, if appropriate!

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Music Award - Pop, Rock and Dance

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Contramandatum - Dave Shiroky - CJSW - FM

The only thing faster than the guitar riffs on Contramandatum is Dave’s inexhaustible wit. The jokes might be a mile a minute, but Dave always takes the time to educate listeners on musicians, albums, and labels that have an influence on rock music both past and present. As an avid fan of live music, Dave also shares concert and event listings on his program to keep listeners in the loop.

The sheer explosive energy of Contramandatum is so infectious it’s no surprise that it is one of CJSW’s most popular programs. We believe he's the guy for best in Music - Pop, Rock, and Dance.

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Music Award - World Beat

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A World of Chant - Ken Almond - CFUZ-FM

Chanting is a combination of the heartfulness of a sing-a-long with the ecstasy of a rock concert, and the spirituality of meditation. Take a journey from culture to culture, religious tradition to tradition, and experience the sound of universal chanting, some of which is thousands of years old. Chanting is a bridge between the world of spirit and the material world we live in and is good for the mind, body and soul.
About 15 years ago, I was introduced to chanting and my wife, Dana, and I embraced the practice of chanting as a way to calm the mind and cope with very demanding, busy lives. Since then we have attended chant leader schools, have lead chants in Penticton and have complied an extensive digital library of chants from all traditions. My intention for the program is to familiarize people with these beautiful devotional chants and hopefully encourage them to give chanting a try!

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Honourable Mentions

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Jazz & Blues

Honourable Mention - Phonograph Frolic - Jeff Van Dusen - CJSW - FM


Pop, Rock. or Dance  

Honourable Mention - The Album Drop's Year In Review - 2017: Part 1 - Phil Shirakawa - CHUO - FM

Honourable Mention - Scratch The Surface - Paul Razzell - CFUV - FM

Honourable Mention - CJRU 1280 AM - All About The Funk - Dec. 8, 2017 - Paula Letang - CJRU - AM


World Beat

Honourable Mention - Caribbean Connexion music show - Andrew Alleyne aka DJ Iceman - CJSR - FM