Music Awards 2019

Music Award - Indie / Rock

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Dave Kirkland, CKHA-FM:

Tuesday Night Sessions

Tuesday Night Sessions: David Mair

This show airs every Tuesday night from 9-11pm

David Highlights musical careers of past performers, artists, producers, record studios etc.,

Dave highlights various types of Rock and Roll including the Muscle Shoals sound.

He has an engaging personality and offers listeners an entertaining evening of music and education.

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Music Award - Hip Hop / Funk

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Melanie Lum, CFUV-FM

The Velvet Unicorn

I am a Burlesque performer who uses the stage as a platform to advocate for social justice issues. My radio show further amplifies this vibration by weaving in authenticity, social justice issues and stardust with music. The intention of this program is to amplify Indigenous, electronica, hip hop, reggae, world beats and femme artists. You may even gain inner wisdom by learning about the featured crystal of the week.

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Music Award - Classical Music

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Paula Fayerman, CJSW-FM


As a mainstay at CJSW for over 20 years, Paula Fayerman champions contemporary classical and avant music every Thursday night. Her knowledge and love for the genre is always front and centre of her programming. Paula’s passion for classical music is rivaled by her stalwart support of the local music scene. In this episode, she dedicated a significant amount of time to showcasing upcoming performances with the Timepoint Ensemble and the King Eddy.

What’s commendable about Paula is her ability to challenge listeners in their understanding of what classical music can be. While the music itself might push boundaries, she is able to present information that is easily understandable. The result is a wild ride through contemporary and avant classical music that delights and inspires listeners

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Music Award - Country or Folk

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Zach Snow, CHMR-FM, 

Celtic Wake-Up

Zach Snow has been a volunteer with CHMR-FM since 2015. He began as a volunteer with the News Department (he still hosts an hour-long Midday Report once a week) and he also hosts the music program Celtic Wake-Up, a music show featuring Newfoundland traditional and Irish folk music. The program airs for two hours every Monday morning from 8:00-10:00am NST, and has become a much beloved fixture of the provincial folk and traditional music scene. In addition to showcasing new releases and obscure rarities, Zach also features live performances and interviews with local musicians, from the well-known and famous to little-known and emerging artists. In 2018 alone his show featured among its live guests the following folk/traditional musicians: Rosemary Lawton, Darrell Power (Great Big Sea), Dave Penny, John Drover (NL Folk Arts Society), Chris Andrews (Shanneyganock), Jordan Harnum, Elizabeth Tuck (Lantern Festival), Chris Ledrew, Brad Tuck (Fairgale/Shanneyganock), Dale Jarvis (folklorist/NL Heritage), Geraldine Hollett (The Once), Craig Young (Fretboard Journey/Shanneyganock), Leo Wall & Brett Vey (Spare Time), Noel Worthman (Tarahan), Curt Blackmore (Slainte), Wince Coles, Darrin Feehan (Siochana), Sandy Morris (RASA/Wonderful Grand Band), Kelly Russell, Ken Tizzard, Michelle Noftall, Dave Panting (Cotillion/Rawlins Cross), Paul Kinsman, Con O'Brien (Irish Descendants), Mark Hiscock (Shanneyganock), Kevin Evans (Evans & Doherty), Bud Davidge (Simani), and many more.

In addition to featuring internationally renowned folk artists, Zach works hard to provide space for emerging artists, many of whom contact his show on a regular basis in the hopes of gaining exposure. This has helped to fuel the burgeoning popularity of NL and Irish folk/country music among youth and students in the city.

Zach has also been an outspoken advocate for the rights of people living with autism. CBC spotlighted Zach's work and advocacy in a 2015 feature on his journey as a student living with autism, working to build a career in broadcasting.

Zach describes his program as follows: "The show is a love letter to Newfoundland music. My show revolves around certain themes -- festival season, songs about food, special holidays, and tribute shows to legendary musicians who made an enormous impact on music in Newfoundland and Labrador. I also premiere new music on my show to give new as well as established artists some airplay and get their songs out to a wider audience. I write my own scripts, designed my own logo and promotional posters, and am active on social media to promote what is coming up on my show for that week. I have wanted to pursue a career in broadcasting since I was in kindergarten, and I have listened to Irish folk music for many years, since I was about seven or eight years old when I would go on roadtrips with my family with folk compilations on in the background. I love folk music!"

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Music Award - Jazz & Blues

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Grant Stovel & Graham Guest, CJSR-FM

Calling All Blues

Since the mid-'90s, Calling All Blues has been CJSR's flagship blues program and the anchor of our Wednesday night schedule. Grant & Graham's friendship and warm, amiable personalities make the show destination listening for followers of the blues, or the blues-curious looking for an introduction.

This episode features lively banter, examples of regular features the Blues News event listings and 8 O'Clock Giveaway, and of course, blues old and new. Musical features include Sue Foley, Shamika Copeland, and the blues influences of one Mick Jagger in honour of his 75th birthday. Good blues to ya!

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Music Award - Pop and Dance

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Richard Sparvier, CJSW-FM,

Bannock n Jams

Bannock n Jams is a new addition to the airwaves but has already made a significant impact on listeners. DJ BLKFT provides a mix of local and Canadian producers that spans house, techno, and pop releases. The beats are always hot and get listeners dancing every Thursday morning.

DJ BLKFT put a tremendous amount of effort while on-air training. Most significantly, he learned to use turntables and Serato software for the purpose of this program. While on-mic, he intersperses Blackfoot phrases in with his announcing. Listeners have actively texted in wanting to learn what his phrases mean, creating an access point into Indigenous language learning through an electronic music show.

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Music Award - World Beat

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Ramneek Tung, CJSR-FM, 

5 River Beat - "1983"

5 River Beat is CJSR's only Desi program, focusing on raw Punjabi folk, Bhangra and Bollywood Funk Straight from the Motherland.

After binging the latest season of Stranger Things, host Ramneek imagines a Desi-remixed version of the show, where early '80s Bollywood is the nostalgic order of the day. Enjoy this look at 1983, Bollywood-style.

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Honourable Mentions

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Indie /  Rock

Honourable Mention: Phil Shirakawa. CHUO-FM, The Album Drop - Polaris Special

Honourable Mention: Luke Striesel, CJSR-FM, The Rockenrolleum - The Music of Spiderman

Pop, Rock. or Dance 

Honourable Mention - Anna Bishop (dj spr0ut). CJSR-FM. Cosmic Roots - Canadian Producers

Hip Hop /  Funk

Honourable Mention - Paula Letang. CJRU-AM, All About The Funk

Honourable Mention - Luca Petryshyn. CJSR-FM, Hip Hop Spread On Planet Bread