Music Programming 2016

Honourable Mentions to Dick Henneberry for Fish For Supper by Ol’ White Whiskers (QCCR)

Honourable Mention to Richard Metzner for Make Room for the Blues (CJLY-FM)

The winning program’s judge’s comments “Of all the pieces I listened to, this one sounded the most like ‘real radio’, a casual, friendly, effective host with very good communication. This may or may not be the focus in community radio…I know arguments on both sides abound…but this one reached me.” And “Overall, a very good piece that would work well on any radio station in the country.”

Congratulations –

Phil Shirakawa – The Album Drop (CHUO-FM)


Other notes: – Phil Shirakawa turned to radio looking for a way to enjoy making a living. After 7 years, he found it at CHUO-FM in Ottawa. An aspiring musician, Phil has always loved music and manages to find a place for it amongst his everyday life, and has plans to continue indefinitely.

The Album Drop began in 2010, over the years the show has blossomed into a celebration of the lifestyle that accompanies the appreciation of new music. Focusing on new releases, The Album Drop is also home to host Phil Shirakawa’s vast interests in the world of music. Recurring segments like the music news coverage of “The Music Meltdown” and the fact-heavy “This Week in Music History” provide information and insight to music lovers, While segments like “What we found on the Internet”, “Albums To Avoid” and “Fun with Isolated Vocals” showcase Phil’s sharp sense of humour. In recent years, The Album Drop has also been lucky enough to welcome prominent musicians from Canada and around the world into our studio for interview and performance sessions. Recent guests have included Barenaked Lady Ed Robertson, Big Sugar’s Gordie Johnson, Wade MacNeil of Alexisonfire and Canadian Comedy Legend Tom Green.