Neskie Manuel Award 2020

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CJSR-FM: Diana Chiang Jurado - Métis Bilingualism

Diana Chiang Jurado is an international student from Ecuador who has been living in Edmonton since 2015. She is also mestizo/a, meaning a person of mixed European and Indigenous heritage. While English doesn't have a word for specific mixed races like this, French does--Métis. However, the identifier Métis has different meanings with different cultural and historical narratives. So, DIana wanted to learn more about Métis and their bilingual culture and language. In this documentary, Diana speaks with Les Skinner and Ambrose Cardinal about what it means to be Métis in Canada and the hybrid language of Michif. This clip is an abbreviated version of Diana's 28 minute documentary.



Honourable Mention:

CJSR-FM: Amanda Rooney and Charlotte Thomasson - Treaty , Climate Change, and Relationship