NEWS 2016

Judges described it as: “relevant content (not only to local community but throughout canada), in-depth discussion of topic from a unique perspective” and “Good use of guest voices, nicely edited, clearly narrated, introduction provides unique perspective, contributes detailed analysis to broader discussion of electoral reform (not just the standard arguments put forward in mainstream media), I’m not a big fan of the ambient background music while the first guest was speaking, and it was a long time before the host introduced the program, but overall it was well done”

Congratulations –

Kevan Coyle – Flourish – Electoral Reform Special (CJSW-FM)


Other notes: – Recognizing the part we all play in shaping the world around us, Flourish is focused on engaging in multi-perspective conversations to bring new ways of thinking and being to its audience. Their hope: that our listeners will be inspired to enact meaningful change within the systems that they inhabit – to create a better world for themselves and others. //  This episode: At a time when Canadians are going back to the polls, some are wondering if our democracy is in need of change. Of particular interest to many is our electoral system.