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CJSR-FM: Dylan Hall - Terra Informa - The Perils and Responsibilities of Science Communication

Dylan Hall is a student at teh University of Alberta and regular producer on Terra Informa, a weekly environmental news program covering issues from across Canada & around the world. On this episode of Terra Informa, they discuss some of the world’s big problems, like climate change and antimicrobial resistance, and how the communication of information about them can either be motivating or discouraging. It would be understandable if you used the word ‘apocalyptic’ to describe issues such as climate change and the growing threat of antibiotic resistance, especially with the way that the media covers these issues. In this episode, Terra Informer Dylan Hall interviews PhD Candidate Scott Mitchell on a presentation he delivered at the 2019 Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences on the story of antimicrobial resistance, what this ‘apocalypse’ has in common with climate change, and how the public isn’t always getting the message. The interview was recorded on location of the Vancouver based Congress (outside).

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Honourable Mention

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