OUT Loud 2018

Congratulations –

Rainbow Radio - Alex Naylor, Sarah & Frank Litorco - CJSW - FM

Rainbow Radio is a show dedicated to the diverse experiences of the LGBTQ2S+ community in the Calgary area. Produced, narrated and edited by Alex Naylor, the program airs on a monthly basis and ranges in topic and scope. Each episode features a panel of participants who share their perspective and experience on the topic, a segment exploring resources discussed in the episode that are available to listeners, and a short history feature hosted by Kevin Allen. Of particular interest are the episodes that focused on:

• The medical system and challenges to accessing proper care for folks who identify as part of the LGBTQ2S+ community. Some important conversations were raised in the discussion about power relations within the medical system, where the system succeeds, and where it fails, as well as a vision for what comprehensive care can look like for people in the LGBTQ2S+ communities in Calgary.
• Two-Spirit and Indigiqueer perspectives. The panel we heard from included deep and profound discussions on inter-generational trauma, resiliency, the process of colonization and decolonization. In the words of one of the panelists, “We are not vanishing Indians. We are present, we are here … we are resilient, beautiful, sexy, vivacious, and we are vicious.”

We are excited to nominate Rainbow Radio for the Out Loud: Best in LGBT+ Programming Award as it has been an excellent way for CJSW to give a platform to the lived experiences and perspectives of members of the LGBTQ2S+ communities in the Calgary area, and to provide resources to listeners who seek them.

Check out the award-winning submission!