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Emmanuel Sayer & Travis Boisvenue, CHUO-FM

City Slang's Tribute to Peter Eichhorn of P. Trash Records (R.I.P.)

City Slang is produced by Emmanuel Sayer & Travis Boisvenue and has been airing since January 2013. It is syndicated on many stations across Canada including CFUV, CHMA, CFUZ, Local FM, CKDU, and Radio Laurier.

The first half of this episode served as a tribute to Peter Eichhorn who passed away on January 16th 2018. Peter and his wife Susanne were the people behind P. Trash Records, an incredibly important record label based in Germany.

This record label was not only important for music fans in Germany or Europe, its reach was world wide. P Trash released records from bands from all over the place and had a strong connection to the Canadian punk scene including releasing many records by bands from Ottawa.

Peter was incredibly passionate and this was apparent by how he ran his label, treated his customers and his bands. He didn’t treat them like customers and business opportunities. He treated them like real people, friends.

This episode featured tracks from many P Trash releases as well as words from members of those bands and labels, including:

Steve Adamyk (Steve Adamyk Band, Sedatives)
Rob Seaton (Statues, Der Faden)
Ian Manhire (Sedatives, The White Wires)
Eric Daigle (Fear of Lipstick, Feral Trash)
Dave Williams (Sedatives, Year Zero, Last Communion, Steve Adamyk Band)
Ilona (The Dagger Eyes)
Patrick (Hosehead Records)
Eric (FDH Records)

We reached out to these artists from all across Canada & The US so they would have a place to grieve and celebrate the life of Peter.

We got a lot of great feedback for this episode and Peter's family and friends were touched about us putting this episode together.

The clip features some of the words shared by the artists.

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Honourable Mention

Stefan Andrusiak. CHRW-FM, Nasha Kasha