Syndicated Radio Programming 2016

Honourable Mentions to Dave O’Rama for The Lovecast with Dave O’Rama (CHLY -FM)

The winning program’s is a syndicated radio show and podcast that broadcasts bi-weekly in British Columbia. A primarily interview-driven show, it provides  listeners with the latest developments on the climate change front presented in an engaging and entertaining format.  Guests have included celebrity Chef Michael Smith, filmmaker and broadcaster Avi Lewis, award-winning author and co-founder of, Bill McKibben, as well as scientists, activists, writers, educators, youth voices, and everyday citizens concerned about our environment. Rather than fueling negative narrative around, what Bill Nye calls, “the most serious issue facing us,” it tries to focus on positive news stories and affirmative climate action messaging, globally and locally.

Congratulations –

Tanya Coad – Climate of Change (CJLY-FM)


Other notes: – Tanya Coad is a programmer at Kootenay Co-op Radio in Nelson, BC. In 2015, she hosted and produced a mini-series called Climate Change: Smell the Coffee. Later, she teamed up with Citizens Climate Lobby members, Laura Sacks and Anni Holtby, to launch a bi-weekly series called Climate of Change.