Volunteer of the Year


This volunteer helped to prepare the drafts for most of the letters the NCRA submitted to the CRTC in support of Member stations. Accomplishing this in tight timelines, and has been the Regulatory Committee’s most devoted volunteer pouring countless hours to helping stations directly in the Regulatory Committee over the past 9 years. This person’s Monday morning show sets the schedule for some members as it’s reached a quality that’s second to none after 15 years. At their station they have played the role of programmer, programming coordinator, membership drive coordinator, Board Member, Board Chair, and has also served as the NCRA’s Chair in previous years.

The winner of the Volunteer of the Year Award garnered high praise from the judges, and the full support of the NCRA’s most active committee, the Regulatory Committee.  Congratulations –

Catherine Fisher


Other notes: – Catherine over saw and initiated two CRFC grants for CJLY this year, created and followed through on their new Youth Internship Project creating a lasting legacy and as Board Chair oversaw the organization and staff restructuring as CJLY underwent a transition. Catherine has also been incredibly invaluable to the NCRA dozens of member stations across the country with her regulatory support work.