Women’s Hands and Voices 2016

Women’s Hands and Voices 2016

Honourable Mentions to Victoria King for Is Art Gendered? (CKUW-FM)

Honourable Mention to Lina Asfour for Ladies First (CHUO-FM)

The winning program’s judge’s comments “Content was original and creative. Piece was thought provoking, well edited and organized. Piece encouraged participation from women and the LGBT community. The piece also discussed the varying opinions of feminism. I felt this piece was the epitome of campus community radio.”

Congratulations –

Emily Joveski, Stacey Copeland, Gabby Swarko– FemRadio (CJRU-AM)


Other notes: – FemRadio is a production of CJRU’s new Feminist Radio Collective. The show is hosted and produced by Emily Joveski and Stacey Copeland, with the help of a handful of amazing contributors and reporters, including Juanita Muwanga and Gabby Skwarko. Each week, FemRadio features interviews with Toronto women and feminists you are doing cool things in our community. Past episodes have centred on feminist theatre and performance artists, endowarriors, and local activists. The collective as a whole aims to get more women on the radio in Toronto, both on the mic, and in technical production. They operate from an intersectional framework, and also host workshops, documentary initiatives, and community events.