Women’s Hands and Voices 2018

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Shift Happens - A Passion for Art with Rabi'a - Ana Bokstrom, Jeff Pilsner - CJLY -FM

My name is Ana Bokstrom, I co-host and co-produce a weekly spoken word program called Shift Happens. We cover the positive shifts in peoples lives and communities. This particular episode is a live interview with a local sculptor named Rabia. She began sculpting at 60 and is a powerful example of living your life with creativity and passion. Please be aware that this was a live interview. We have saved it to your required quality but the original sound capture quality at the radio station is 64 bit mono.

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Honourable Mention:

Please Help Them, Vocal Fry and Other Epidemics - Madeline Taylor  - CiTR - FM & CIVL - FM