Women’s Hands and Voices 2020

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CFUV-FM: Kemi Craig, Melanie Lum, Mary Decker - Burlesque: Indigenous, Black and Women of Colour Reclaiming Bodies

Kemi is a cisgender woman of African descent raised in the Cherokee and Catawba territories (aka North and South Carolina). She has been an uninvited guest in Lekwungen and W̱ŚANÉC territories since 2002 working with artist-run centres and advocacy groups such as CFUV Radio, the Students of Colour Collective, CineVic, the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, and the Anti-Violence Project.Kemi has an extensive background in using media art and movement as tools for promoting social justice, with a lens on gender and racialization. This episode explores the way that some women of colour in Victoria resisting white supremacy through embracing their sexuality? Burlesque. On this episode, we find out about the unknown history of women and colour and the origins of burlesque, and talk to members of the all POC burlesque troupe Shade about their journey.

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Honourable Mention:

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Honourable Mention:

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