2021 Best in Student Programming

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CFFF-FM: HiphopTictactics - Our best episode ever (Summary 2020) - Jordan Valters

Joining DJ Tictactic in 2018 during his first year of University, Jordan (aka Unlearn) became an active member of the HiphopTictactics team. While working in a studio setting in his off hours, Jordan was able to learn under Recording Arts Canada Alumnus Jason Stabler (aka DJ Tictactic) who has extensive experience in the audio and recording industry. Since the beginning of 2020, Jordan began exclusively editing and overlooking process of HiphopTictactic's episodes in his spare time, while juggling school, work outside of radio, and a permanent physical disability. Jordan is incredibly passionate about radio, and hopes to continue giving artists a platform to speak their mind and display their passion for music as DJ Tictactic once did for him. Jordan has currently edited over 50 episodes of HiphopTictactics, and continues to develop his programming abilities. Jordan also personally edited this select submission as well (for award purposes).

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